How Long Does a 10mg Edible Stay in Your System Reddit?

Hands up if you’ve found yourself wondering “just how long do edibles stay in my system?” We’ve all been there – you had a little too much fun with those tasty weed gummies and now you’re lowkey paranoid about an upcoming drug test.

Don’t sweat it, fam. I’ve got all the deets on edible detection times and tips for getting that THC out of your system ASAP. Let’s dig in!

How Edibles Work

Before we dive into detection windows, it helps to understand how these cannabis treats work their magic. Unlike smoking or vaping, edibles have to go through your digestive system first.

Once you gobble down that brownie or gummy, the THC gets absorbed through your stomach and metabolized by the liver into its psychoactive form, 11-hydroxy-THC. This bad boy is even more potent than regular delta-9 THC, which is why edible highs feel more intense and long-lasting compared to inhaled methods.

The delayed onset is also unique to edibles. While you’ll feel the effects of smoking within minutes, it can take anywhere from 30-90 minutes for an edible to kick in as it makes its way through your system.

Factors Affecting Edible Detection Times

Now for the million dollar question – how long do edibles actually stick around? The answer isn’t so cut and dry since several factors influence your personal detection window:

Metabolism: Those with a faster metabolism will process and eliminate THC more quickly than slow metabolizers. If your friend seemingly “sobers up” from an edible way faster than you, their peppy metabolism could be to blame.

Tolerance: Like with any substance, the more frequently you consume edibles, the higher your tolerance will be. Newbies and infrequent users will feel the effects more intensely and for longer compared to daily consumers.

Dosage: It’s simple math – the more THC you ingest, the longer those cannabinoids will linger. A 100mg chocolate bar is going to show up on a drug test way longer than a 10mg gummy.

Edible Type: Full-spectrum edibles made with cannabis oils or butter release THC steadily over time. In contrast, those made from distillates or isolates get metabolized faster since the THC hits your system all at once.

Onset of Edible Effects

Ah yes, the dreaded edible waiting game. We’ve all been there impatiently wondering when that brownie is finally going to kick in.

The delayed onset happens because unlike smoking, your edible has to go through the entire digestive process first. As the liver metabolizes the THC into its potent 11-hydroxy form, you start to feel its psychoactive effects roughly 30-90 minutes after consumption.

This delayed response causes many newbies to make the rookie mistake of re-dosing too soon, only to get blindsided by an overwhelming high once the double dose finally hits.

Pro tip: No matter how impatient you feel, do NOT re-dose an edible until at least 2 hours have passed. Trust me, you don’t want to get so couch-locked that you can’t operate the TV remote, let alone decide if you’re actually still high or just paranoid.

How Long Do Edibles Stay in Your System?

Okay, let’s get to the heart of the matter – those edible detection times you’re so worried about. How long edibles linger depends on the drug test being used:

First 24 Hours: You’ll definitely test positive for THC metabolites within the first day after eating an edible. Count on a failed blood, saliva, or urine screening during this initial time window.

1-3 Days: Infrequent or first-time users may continue showing positive on a urine test for up to 3 days after ingesting an edible. Higher doses could make that window even wider.

Up to 30 Days: For most edible consumers, THC metabolites can be detected in urine for up to a month after their last dose. Even regular users typically test positive for 2-3 weeks post-edible.

90 Days: In extremely rare cases, edibles can cause a positive urine screening for up to 90 days later. This is only for the heaviest of heavy smokers and edible enthusiasts. If you’re a recreational consumer, you likely won’t fall into this category.

Now for some real talk – if you’ve got an important drug test coming up soon after enjoying edibles, your best bet is to temporarily abstain and flush that THC out of your system ASAP using one of the detox methods I’ll cover later. Dodging a test altogether just isn’t worth risking your job or wellness goals.

Understanding Edible Dosing

Understanding Edible Dosing

Pop quiz: What’s more important for determining edible potency – the amount of actual cannabis used or the total THC dosage? If you answered the THC amount, you get a gold star!

Most edibles these days are dosed by their total milligrams of THC rather than the weight of cannabis flower or concentrate used to infuse them. This standardization helps consumers understand what kind of high to expect.

For instance, a 10mg gummy should produce similar effects whether it was made using a quarter ounce of mid-shelf flower or just a gram of ultra-potent concentrate. The 10mg THC dosage determines its potency, not the amount of plant material.

Edible Dosing Chart

Of course, not all 10mg edible doses are created equal when you account for individual factors like tolerance and metabolism. Here’s a simple dosing chart to help you gauge what different THC amounts might feel like:

Dose (in mg)EffectsRecommended For
2.5-5Mild relaxation, uplifted moodNew users, microdosing
5-10More pronounced relaxation, euphoria, increased appetiteLow tolerance users
10-20Moderate intoxication, body buzz, enhanced sensesModerate tolerance users
20-30Strong intoxication, sedation, psychedelic effectsHigh tolerance users
30-50+Very strong intoxication, hallucinations, loss of motor controlVery high tolerance users only

2.5-5mg: A perfect micro-dose for experiencing mild relaxation and elevated moods without intense intoxication. Ideal for edible newbies or meditation seshes.

5-10mg: Most infrequent users will feel noticeable relaxation, euphoria, and a case of the munchies from this dose. Expect feeling uplifted and cheerful.

10-20mg: We’re hitting moderate intoxication territory with doses this high. You’ll likely experience full-body buzzes, heightened senses, and potentially psychedelic effects like closed-eye visuals.

20-30mg: Heavyweight consumers may need this much THC to achieve serious couch-lock and sedation. Effects are extremely potent and long-lasting.

30-50mg+: Only the most seasoned edible veterans with sky-high tolerances should attempt doses this strong. Expect vivid hallucinations and a potential loss of motor control. Not for the faint of heart!

As a rule of thumb, always start with a low dose if you’re new to edibles or have a low tolerance. You can always take more later, but it’s impossible to tone down an overwhelming high once it hits. Going slowly is your friend here!

Tips for Passing an Edible Drug Test

Okay, you messed up and overindulged on those special brownies. Now you’ve got an important drug screening looming and you’re frantically searching “how to get edibles out of your system fast” on Reddit.

Try these tips and tricks for giving yourself the best chance at a clean test result:

Stop Ingesting THC: This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people keep consuming weed while trying to detox for a test. Cease all cannabis use including edibles, vapes, flower – the whole nine yards.

Drink Tons of Water: Flushing your system by staying fully hydrated can help dilute your urine and clear out THC metabolites more quickly. Just don’t overdo it to the point of water intoxication.

Exercise Regularly: Getting your heart rate up and sweating promotes deeper detoxification within your fat cells where THC metabolites are stored.

Use Detox Products: There are tons of detox pills, drinks, and whole-body cleanses you can buy that may help expedite the THC elimination process. Your mileage may vary, but they’re worth considering.

Shave Your Hair: For ultra-sensitive hair follicle tests, your best bet is to start with a fresh shave or waxing all body hair. That way, you can rest assured no lingering traces of THC will be detected.

How to Avoid Failing Drug Tests for Edibles

Avoid Failing Drug Tests for Edibles
Avoid Failing Drug Tests for Edibles

Of course, the absolute best way to pass a drug test is to simply abstain from consuming any cannabis products, including edibles, well in advance of your screening date. But we all know that’s easier said than done when those fudgy brownies are calling your name.

If you do indulge and have an important test on the horizon, be smart about it. Only take relatively low doses of edibles, and bump up your daily water intake. 

While complete abstinence is ideal before a drug test, that’s not always realistic for avid edible fans. If you do partake, being smart about your edible habits can help minimize detection times.

Stick to Low Doses

As covered earlier, higher THC doses lead to longer detection windows. If you know you have an important test approaching, be strict about keeping your edible dosages on the lower end – under 10mg if possible. Those small doses will clear out faster than a 50mg lollipop binge.

Avoid Cannabis Concentrates

Similarly, edibles made from pure THC distillates or concentrates tend to linger longer than those infused with full-spectrum oils or butter. The concentrated THC hits your system harder. Opt for full-plant edibles when you can.

Increase Water Intake

Drinking plenty of fluids is one of the easiest ways to help flush out cannabinoid metabolites more quickly. Aim for at least 100oz of water daily in the weeks leading up to your test, and throw in some cranberry juice which is a natural diuretic.

Get Your Sweat On

THC metabolites get stored in your body’s fat cells, so burning fat through exercise and sweating can release and expel more of those compounds. Hit the gym hard in the weeks before your test to work up a detoxifying sweat.

Try Detox Drinks/Pills

There are dozens of products on the market marketed as “rescue detox” solutions to help you pass an unexpected drug screening. Detox drinks, pills, and even hair treatment kits all claim to mask or flush out THC for a short window. User results vary, but they may be worth a shot if time is tight.

Sub with Synthetic Urine

As a last resort if you’re really in a pinch, using synthetic or substituted urine to submit for a screening could help you pass. This is risky though, as most labs are wise to fake samples these days. Definitely not the most advisable route!

Ultimately, being upfront with your employer about your cannabis use is usually better than resorting to shady tactics. Many companies are re-thinking outdated cannabis screening policies for employees.

The moral of the story? Edibles can provide a potent, long-lasting high that detectible on drug tests much longer than you’d think – especially with higher doses. If you’ve got an important screening on the horizon, play it safe by laying off cannabinoids well in advance. But if that edible sesh was just too irresistible, hopefully these tips can help you pass the test without incident!

So let’s say you couldn’t resist those fudgy edibles despite having a drug test looming. No judgement here, we’ve all been there! Now you’re low-key stressing about how to get that THC out of your system on the fly.

One tactic that seems to help a lot of people is doing a full-body cleanse or detox in the days leading up to the test. There are tons of premixed “rescue” drinks and supplement regimens you can buy that claim to flush out cannabinoids and mask the presence of THC metabolites for a short period.

Do they actually work? Results seem to vary pretty wildly based on factors like your body composition, metabolism, and how frequently you consume cannabis. But tons of Reddit edible fans swear by drinks like Mega Clean or XXXtra Clean for helping them squeak by surprise tests.

The general idea behind most of these detox products is that they work in two ways:

  1. Vitamins, minerals, and creatine “refill” your urine to look natural despite being diluted from all the water you’re chugging.
  2. Diuretics and soluble fiber pull cannabinoids out of your body while prompting you to urinate frequently.

On top of the detox beverages, some folks double down by doing colon cleanses or taking detox pills with ingredients like sodium, zinc, B-vitamins, and more diuretics. Basically anything that might help force out those lingering THC-COOH metabolites!

Now, do any of these extreme detox methods provide guaranteed success? Not really. Your best bet is still to abstain from cannabis completely for at least 30 days before an important screening if possible. But hey, we’re all human! Desperate times sometimes call for desperate detox measures when edibles are involved.

Another wild but potentially effective trick some edible enthusiasts swear by? Hair relaxer treatments! Since hair follicle tests can detect THC metabolites for up to 90 days, using a heavy-duty relaxer or color treatment may help strip away those trapped compounds from your newly-grown strands.

You could also go scorched earth and simply… shave off all your hair before the test. Head, beard, eyebrows – the whole nine yards! It’s an extreme move for sure, but if you’re truly desperate to pass after a heavy edibles bender, it might be worth considering. At least you’d hopefully avoid the dreaded hair follicle fail!

At the end of the day, the best policy is honesty and being responsible about your cannabis consumption – especially when job advancement or legal matters are at stake. But we all know that edible curiosity can sometimes get the better of even the most well-intentioned people.

If you do overindulge before a screening, try not to totally panic. Stay hydrated, attempt a detox if you have time, and maybe even invest in a high-quality synthetic urine belt if it’s truly crunch time. The edible high might last for hours, but there are always ways to help your body clear that THC sooner than later!

When Edibles Just Hit Different

We’ve all been there – you take an edible dosage you think is chill, but a few hours later you’re higher than a kite wondering what fresh hell you’ve entered. Overindulging on edibles happens to the best of us!

Maybe you got a little too generous with the cannabutter in those special brownies. Or perhaps you underestimated just how potent your friend’s homemade gummies actually were. Whatever the case, you done messed around and got way more elevated than anticipated.

If that sounds like a situation you’re intimately familiar with, don’t worry fam. While greening out on too many edibles can definitely be an anxiety-inducing experience, it’s not permanently harmful in any way. You’ll come down to earth eventually – it just might take a good 6-8 hours or more to get back to baseline!

The key is to remain calm, hydrate like crazy, and avoid overstimulating yourself until the intense effects start to subside. Throw on a silly movie, order some takeout, and relax – this too shall pass! Just be sure to properly store any leftover edibles where you can’t accidentally overindulge again.

Covering Your Tracks for Surprise Tests

Even if you’re normally a pretty responsible edible consumer, life can sometimes throw curveballs in the form of surprise drug tests. Maybe you landed a dope new job and they sprung a screening on you before your start date. Or perhaps you had a random run-in with law enforcement that now requires you to prove sobriety.

Whatever the situation, getting unexpectedly tested for THC after recently eating edibles is a uniquely panic-inducing experience. You know you’re gonna fail if you go in cold turkey! This is the kind of scenario where having a few tricks up your sleeve can really help cover your bases.

The first line of defense? Grab yourself a bottle of synthetic urine from a reputable brand. Products like Quick Luck, TestClear, and Pro Basix come pre-mixed with all the hormones and compounds that will help their frankensample pass as the real deal.

Most quality synthetic urines even come with a heatingpad to keep the temp in the appropriate 98°F range for the test. Just strap it to your leg under some baggy shorts or a dress, and you’ll be ready to discreetly submit a “clean” sample when the time comes.

Is using fake pee for a drug test allowed? Not technically – it’s often considered “cheating” and can potentially cause legal issues if you get busted. But in an emergency situation, it sure beats outright failing and dealing with the consequences, ya know?

Ideally, you’d have enough advance notice to do a full-body cleanse with detox drinks and avoid any shenanigans. But when time is extremely limited after eating edibles, high-quality synthetic urine could be your saving grace for easing your mind.

Home Remedies for a Hasty Edible Detox

Home Remedies for a Hasty Edible Detox
Home Remedies for a Hasty Edible Detox

Of course, not everyone wants to risk using synthetic piss to pass a drug screening after edible indulgence. Maybe you’re looking for a more natural approach to give yourself the best shot at testing clean? If that’s the case, certain tried-and-true home remedies could help get you there!

One of the most popular methods is drinking a ton of water combined with vitamin B supplements. The intense hydration helps flush out metabolites more rapidly, while B-vitamins (especially B2 and B12) are what give your urine that telltale bright yellow hue that screeners look for.

Mixing in some fresh lemon juice can further enhance the cleansing effects by making your urine more acidic. The goal is to essentially dilute and force out as many cannabinoid compounds as possible without appearing overtly diluted on the test.

Love ’em or hate ’em, cranberry supplements and juices can also be useful for encouraging frequent urination thanks to their diuretic properties. Load up on the tart stuff and you’ll be running to the bathroom nonstop, ideally pushing out more metabolites in the process.

For an added edible detox boost, consider treating yourself to a day at an infrared sauna or steam room too. Getting a deep, sweating detox session could help burn through some of those stubborn THC stores in your fat cells and tissue.

At the end of the day, these home remedy detox tactics are no guarantee of passing importance screenings. But if you have at least a few days lead time after enjoying some edibles, making a full-court effort with hydration, supplements, and sweating out the toxins can only improve your chances!



How long does a 10mg edible keep you high for?

A standard 10mg edible dose will usually have you riding that cannabis wave for 4-8 hours. The high creeps up slower than smoking, but also sticks around way longer once it kicks in. Expect to feel the peak effects a couple hours in before gradually coming down over the next several hours.

Is 10mg edible enough for first time?

For newbies, 10mg of edible THC is a pretty solid starter dose. It’ll get you feelinggroovy and having a good time, without being so potent that you melt into the couch. But you can definitely go even lower around 5mg if you want to absolutely play it safe for your inaugural edible voyage.

What happens if you eat 10 edibles at once?

Unless you’re Snoop Dogg reincarnated, eating 10 whole edibles at once is basically signing up for a one-way rocket ship to Planet HighAF. We’re talking around 100mg of THC all at once – enough to potentially trigger a terrifying psychedelic experience for most folks. You’ll be greening out with intense hallucinations, vomiting, panic, the whole nine yards. Definitely not something to attempt without an enormously high tolerance!

How many mg is an edible high?

There’s no universal “high” edible dosage since everyone’s bodies process THC a bit differently. But most people will start feeling effects in the 2.5-10mg range, with 10-20mg producing a solid, recreational dose high. Anything over 20mg is considered heavily intoxicating for occasional consumers, while frequent edible connoisseurs may need 50mg+ to achieve lift off.

Final Words

Edibles can linger way longer than you’d think, especially those higher doses. But don’t freak if you’ve got a drug test coming up after indulging – there are tactics to help! Start by staying hydrated to flush your system. Detox drinks and supplements might mask and eliminate THC metabolites too. If you’re really in a bind, synthetic urine could be a last-resort lifesaver. Or go all-natural with cranberry juice, B-vitamins, and sweating it out. 

Whatever method you try, be smart about future edible consumption and dosing. A little preparation goes a long way in avoiding failed tests and keeping your canna-calm. With some know-how, passing while enjoying edibles doesn’t have to be mission impossible!

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